• Lasee Prima Industrie Domino Evoluzione
EM DIP is chiefly an exporting company and a reliable partner. Our well-known, high quality products and accompanying services have a significant place in the metal manufacturing sector of Serbia. Special characteristics of the company are our rapid ability to conquer totally new production programs and our flexibility in adjusting the programs to the actual needs of the market.
The priorities of our company are modernization of our technology and permanent education of our personnel in ever increasing competitive environment, both domestic and foreign. EM DIP is a family company which has continually been expanding the experience accumulated in the past 44 years in the industrial electro-energetic and mechanical engineering and manufacturing sector.

EM DIP is ownership of family Dinic and it was established in 1969. The main activities are Engineering and production of industrial electro-mechanical process equipment, machines, components and spare parts. Capable specialized and experienced personnel: 2 IWE Engineers, 4 M. Sc. Mechanical Engineers, 5 experienced MIG / WIG / SMAW / SAW welders and 8 machine workers.

Possibility of hiring young as well as experienced specialists (PC programmers, engineers of electronics, energetic, automatics, etc.). Possibility of hiring a bigger number of different qualified and experienced workers. Flexibility regarding the adaptation to difficult market conditions as well as accepting new production programs.
Experienced in making the projects for and producing our own equipment. Project and production of technical documents as well as the financial sector are defined by up-to-date software programs.

Standard characteristics are high-quality products and service as well as sticking to mutual deadlines.
Important capacity of production facilities with multiple usage possibilities on top locations.